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Functions of a School Nurse

Functions of a School Nurse

The school nurse helps children with health problems that interfere with their ability to take part in the every day school activities. Some of the nurse's services include: first-aid care, vision, hearing and postural screenings, counseling on health problems, communicable disease control and maintaining cumulative health records on every student.

Health Room Procedure For Student

  • In non-emergency situations, a pass is necessary. A teacher will make out a pass to the health room to be given to the nurse.
  • If a student feels sick at any time, she/he should ask for permission to go to the nurse's office.

General information on medication for parents

  • Only medication that is prescribed by a physician will be administered to students and only in the Nurse's office
  • A physician's order must accompany all medications to be given during the school day, including over-the-counter drugs.
  • A parent note is also required, stating the name of medication, dose and time to be administered.
  • With proper physician and parent permission, the nurse may authorize a student to carry asthma inhaler medication.
  • Prescribed life-saving emergency medication, such as an epi-pen, will be carried by the student, if responsible, or by a staff member to recess, P. E., and on field trips.
  • Appropriate forms are available from the nurse for you convenience


Immunizations must be kept up to date. In seventh grade, students will not be allowed to attend school unless state mandated immunizations are kept current.