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Physical Examination Requirements

Physical Examination Requirements: Transferring and Continuing Students

Massachusetts state law requires that every student is to have a periodic physical examination. In the Foxborough Public Schools, physical examinations take place within one year of students entering Preschool, Kindergarten, and Grades 4, 7, and 11. If your child is to take part in school athletics, a yearly physical will be required. The only exception allowed will be on religious grounds. An appropriate form will need to be completed and kept on file with the school nurse.

A student transferred from another school system must provide a complete health record before entering. This includes an immunization record and current physical exam.

It is strongly recommended that the family physician perform these examinations in his/her office where the relationship and environment is conducive to a more meaningful examination. The school physician will be available for those parents who, for economic reasons, cannot avail themselves of a family physician. Requests for a physical examination to be performed by the school physician must be made in writing to the building principal.

If your child does not have health insurance, let us know and we will help.

Please submit documentation of immunizations and physical examination to the nursing office. Your child risks exclusion from the school if there is no reply to this request by the first day of school in September, or in 30 days for new students. For your convenience, your physician may fax forms to 508-543-1654. If you have any questions, concerning this matter, please call the school nurse at 508-543-1646.

Grade 8 Athletes

Megan Basketball Team: To participate in tryouts, the student will need to have a current physical examination on file in the nurse’s office dated no earlier than one year from the first tryout date, usually a date in early November will meet this requirement.