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Our School

Ms. Kerryn Frazier

There are 924 students attending the John J. Ahern School in grades five through eight. Beyond the architectural features that create an environment conducive to learning, the resources available to our students and staff allow for wonderful educational opportunities. Three general computer labs, three specialized labs, computers with internet access in each room, two gymnasiums and The Palladino Media Center are among some of the resources available.

At the Ahern Middle School, we endorse a middle school philosophy centered on the core values of the Foxborough Public Schools:

  • Challenging and innovative educational experiences promote academic excellence by meeting the needs of students in ways that engage them in their learning.
  • A safe, supportive, and collaborative environment fosters positive attitudes among students and school staff.
  • Respect for the diversity and dignity of individuals and cultures enriches learning and supports the development of responsible citizenship.
  • Ensuring a quality education, cultivated by ongoing communication and shared resources among parents, teachers, town organizations, and residents, is the responsibility of the entire community.

In the academic program, language arts, math, science and social studies meet daily. World language study, begun in the elementary school, continues in grades 5 and 6. Seventh and eighth grade students take a full year of French or Spanish meeting daily. Augmenting this core curriculum are programs in art, technology, general music, health and wellness. A significant number of Ahern students also participate in elective instrumental music and choral programs.

Our staff is committed to working with each child to meet her/his individual needs. We recognize that preadolescence/adolescence is perhaps the most important time in a person's life. As a result, we understand that our school must meet the high standards we have set.

The school administration continues to work with the Ahern School Council to identify and implement specific goals that will benefit the school community. Presently, the school council is working in a variety of areas to emphasize the importance of high achievement, connection to community, communication, wellness, and respect.

We look forward to expanding our interactions with the entire Foxborough community as we continue to strive for success for all students.